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The Island of Arki †belongs to the group of islands laid on Aegean Sea called Dodekanisa.The name of archipelago comes from the twelve islands which creates it† (dodeka-gr.12), though in reality there are more of them. It is so special because it has long and intricate history, and it is also situated in an interesting place. It is on border of Greece and Turkey only 30km from that state in straight line. Splendid view from the island stretches on †different islets surrounding it as well as already mentioned Turkey. † Island of Arki is one of very few islands where 3/4 of the terrain is still uninhabited and untouched †by people. Splendid views, form of terrain as well as† very longed-for by every tourist peace and† quiet makes it an attractive place for holidays. .
Apart from holidays there are only 50 people on the island who live from† fishing as well as farming and breading animals (mainly goats).


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