The Island of Arki belongs to the group of islands laid on Aegean Sea called Dodekanisa.The name of archipelago comes from the twelve islands which creates it (dodeka-gr.12), though in reality there are more of them. It is so special because it has long and intricate history, and it is also situated in an interesting place. It is on border of Greece and Turkey only 30km from that state in straight line. Splendid view from the island stretches on different islets surrounding it as well as already mentioned Turkey. Island of Arki is one of very few islands where 3/4 of the terrain is still uninhabited and untouched by people. Splendid views, form of terrain as well as very longed-for by every tourist peace and quiet makes it an attractive place for holidays. . Apart from holidays there are only 50 people on the island who live from fishing as well as farming and breading animals (mainly goats).
On the island except from peace and quiet one can also reach many splendid places as well as beaches. Tiganakia is the most beautiful beach famous for its blue, crystal water where you can get while walking along beach on the path that takes You straight to the Sea. The beach is surrendered by rocks which makes it possible to sunbathe as well as swim even if there is a strong wind. Different, equally splendid, beaches are on this island such as: Limnari, Padelia, Kapsaliasmenos as well as many small but charming bays.
If sunbathing will bore us, it is a good idea to go for a walk on the island and discover many interesting places, such as Italian control fortress (Italian soldier occupying the island in time of World War II) , the caves, which was a shelter for local occupants as well as many paths that lead to mysterious places on the island.

Like every Greek island Arki also has its churches which make the island look charming. The most beautiful seem to be situated on one of the highest scenic points- the church called Panagia. Except from charming old interior it possesses splendid view on the surrounding islands, which during the sunset create the magic moments. We can also visit other churches: Agioi Anargiri, Metamorphosi, Agios Lefterios
When it gets darker whole life of island moves to taverns. The most popular and best known from its magnificently prepared local dishes is Nicola’s Tavern situated in central and at the same time the prettiest place on island, near square by the sea from where You can observe ships arriving to Porto Augusto.

The whole life of occupants of island concentrates in this place. The most important event of year takes place also here, namely on August 23rd - Panigiri. At that time all the taverns on square put their tables outside and the party till the early morning is organized with local music and the best, and the most delicious, food as well as with the most splendid Greek dances, which everyone can join to.

However the most important part of the this island ,which is full of positive energy as well as so amazing charm, is the occupants, who are very open, hospitable and friendly, which gives a feeling that every, who visits our island once comes back here eagerly.